Paper Checkout
We're just getting started on auctions!
Please talk to us if you're interested in NFT auctions so our engineering team can work directly with you to meet your needs.


Paper Auction enables potential buyers to make bids via credit card!
  • Supports auctions that support crypto + fiat bids.
  • Supports primary and secondary sales. That means the seller can be you (the merchant) or any user on your marketplace.
  • Supports bidding in the chain's primary coin (ETH on Ethereum, MATIC on Polygon, SOL on Solana).
  • Automatically ends your auction shortly after the end date, settling the NFT and notifying the winning bidder (if they bid through Paper).
  • No fixed fees! If there is non-trivial network fees to end your auction (i.e. on Ethereum), we can invoice you when your auctions are over.

Smart Contract Requirements

(The following is pseudocode)

placeBid(address wallet) payable

A method that allows our operating wallet place a bid on behalf of another recipient. The method will accept an arbitrary bid

getTopBid() => { address wallet, uintX bidAmount }

A method that allows us to check the highest bidder after the auction ends.


A method that allows us to "settle" the auction. This method should transfer the NFT to the winning bidder, if any.
This method should only be callable by you (the Owner) and Paper's operating wallets.


  • For each auction, call POST /v1/auction to create a new auction.
  • For each bid, open the auction flow in a new popup
    • /auctions/:auctionId?bidAmountToken=...&email=...&wallet=...