Paper Checkout
Customize the experience
You can customize the branding and behavior of the checkout flow in the dashboard or API.

Look & Feel

Some styling you can configure include:
  • Light mode or dark mode
  • Accent color of links and buttons
  • Button shape
Want to customize even further?
Contact us for custom CSS to fine-tune the colors, fonts, and anything else that perfectly showcases your brand!


Want to hide certain options to simplify the checkout experience even further?
You can disable any of the following functionality:
  • Allow buyers to native mint
  • Allow buyers to pay with card
  • Allow buyers to pay with cryptocurrency
  • Allow buyers to create a Paper wallet via email
You can also Provide an existing wallet to enforce where the NFT will be delivered.

Fee-less transactions

By default, network and service fees are paid by the buyer. To offer buyers a fee-less experience, you can opt to defer those fees to the seller. All buyers will pay the "true" mint price regardless of their payment method.
To get set up, toggle Fee-less Transactions in the Settings and connect a payment method. Paper will bill you monthly for the fees incurred by successful purchases.
There is no additional charge for this service.