Paper Checkout
Provide an existing wallet
Does your dApp already have a wallet address for each user?
Great! You can provide the user's wallet address via a query parameter. A buyer will be taken directly to the Choose Payment Method page.
Remember to URI encode your query parameters!
Required. Show your dApp's name on the wallet to clarify to the buyer this wallet is provided by your dApp. This string should be URI encoded.
Example: app_name=My%20First%20dApp
Required. Provide the wallet address for this buyer from your dApp. The buyer cannot change the wallet where their purchase will be delivered.
The buyer will be able to native mint to this wallet by connecting this same wallet address in the checkout flow. They'll also be able to pay with crypto with another wallet.
Example: wallet=0xdf8d13972902A6FCc5Ad61b3ec86737d6F16fb29
Optional. Provide the buyer's username from your dApp to reassure they are connected to wallet address matching their dApp user.
If an email address is provided, Paper will automatically email them when their purchase is completed.
Example: username=alice_in_wonderland
Here's what what the buyer sees in their checkout:
A buyer sees your app name, their username, and their provided wallet.
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