Customize Emails

Paper allows you to customize the messaging after a buyer completes a purchase. You can provide more instruction on how to redeem the utility from their NFT, navigate the user back to your app, or simply thank them for their purchase.

Provide helpful messaging to navigate

In the email and post-purchase page, you can customize the messaging, button text, and button URL. Configure this setting in the Developer Dashboard (for Sharable Checkout Links) or Checkout Link Intent API.

Example custom messaging in the post-purchase page.Example custom messaging in the post-purchase page.

Example custom messaging in the post-purchase page.

Set your company logo

Set your company's logo in the Developer Dashboard. This logo will be shown in the email sent to a customer after their purchase is completed.

Send your own emails

Need further customization? You can to send your own email when a buyer's NFT is successfully delivered.

Here's how:

  1. Disable the email sent to users after a purchase. You can do this or by setting sendEmailOnTransferSucceeded: false for Checkout Link Intents or Checkout SDK Intents.
  2. Create a webhook handler on your backend to send an email to a buyer when your API receives the transfer:succeeded event. See Webhook Configurations.
  3. Add your webhook URL in the Developer Dashboard.