Customizing Checkout Links

Checkout links can be customized to match your brand's look and feel by passing query parameters to the checkout link or through the dashboard.

Customizing through the dashboard

Head over to your Paper Developer Dashboard to customize your checkout and edit your shareable checkout links.

Customizing through query params

Please ensure your query values are URI-encoded (e.g. #F8822 encodes to %23FF8822).

Query ParamTypeDescription
colorPrimarystring (in hex, e.g. #cf3781)The primary brand color for buttons and links.
colorBackgroundstring (in hex, e.g. #cf3781)The background color of the page.
colorTextstring (in hex, e.g. #cf3781)The color for text on the page and UI elements.
borderRadiusnumber (e.g. 0 for sharp corners, 12px for rounded corners, 24px for pill shape)The roundness of buttons and input elements.


Here's an example checkout link with the following query params appended: