Dynamic One-Time Checkout Links

While Sharable Checkout Links are great for a standard public sale of an NFT, Dynamic One-Time Checkout Links are perfect if you want to provide a fixed price, email, wallet address, quantity, expiration, and more.

Dynamic One-Time Checkout Links can be used to make a purchase only once and can be configured to expire.

Use cases

  • Gating access to purchase an NFT via an off-chain allowlist. After verifying your buyers' email address, wallet address, Twitter handle, or other identity on your platform, redirect them to the checkout link.
  • Implement dynamic pricing by passing in the price for each checkout. This feature allows you to provide coupon codes, bulk discounts, and loyalty discounts.
  • Restrict the quantity of NFTs your buyers can purchase.
  • Send the checkout URL directly to the buyer's email without needing to have them log onto a site.


Restricting your smart contract method to Paper

Remember that the blockchain is public and anyone can attempt to call your methods. If you want to ensure someone won't be able to mint directly from the blockchain, we recommend you use Only-Paper Restricted Functions to ensure that only Paper's wallets will be able to call your minting function.

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