Shareable Checkout Links

Shareable Checkout Links are public, reusable URLs that allows buyers to complete a purchase with Paper's prebuilt checkout experience.


Create a Shareable Checkout Link

On the Developer Dashboard: Contracts page, click Create Shareable Link to customize the display information, limitations, and style of your checkout experience.


Generate a link through the dashboard.

Finally, navigate buyers to this URL from your website, Twitter, or any other platform. That's it!

Custom branding

Set your checkout's button color, dark mode, or button shape when creating your Shareable Checkout Link in the dashboard.

Need further customization? You can append query parameters (URI-encoded, e.g. set the button color to #FF8822 by passing colorPrimary=%23FF8822).

Query ParamTypeDescription
colorPrimarystring (in hex, e.g. #cf3781)The primary brand color for buttons and links.
colorBackgroundstring (in hex, e.g. #cf3781)The background color of the page.
colorTextstring (in hex, e.g. #cf3781)The color for text on the page and UI elements.
borderRadiusnumber (e.g. 0 for sharp corners, 12px for rounded corners, 24px for pill shape)The roundness of buttons and input elements.

Here's an example with the following query params:


Looking to programmatically manage Shareable Checkout Links?

You can Create Shareable Checkout Links via our API too!