Sponsored Fees

This feature is currently paused while we revamp its functionality.


Sponsored Fees (seller-pays-fees) is currently paused while we revamp its functionality


When to use sponsored fees?

Sponsored fees are best for free mints so the buyer does not have to incur gas fees and the seller can sponsor this for them. Sponsored fees are also useful in any claim where you want an experience where the buyer does not have to pay for gas, credit card processing fees, or Paper fees.

By default, network and service fees are paid by the buyer. To offer buyers an experience where they don't have to pay for gas or credit card processing fees, you can opt to take on these fees for your buyers. When this is enabled, all buyers will pay the "true" mint price when checking out via card and cryptocurrency, and you will be responsible for paying the network fees and service fees for all of their transactions.

To get set up, toggle "Sponsored Feed" in the Developers page and connect a payment method. Paper will bill the connected payment method monthly for the fees incurred by successful purchases.

Once "Sponsored Fees" is toggled, all checkouts created will have this feature enabled by default.