Step 1: Set up your Paper Developer Dashboard

This is the 1st step of the Integration Guide

Step 1: Set up your Paper Developer Dashboard. Home Home Page Home Page

You can access the Paper Developer dashboard at or by going the the's home page and clicking the "dashboard" button in the top right. Here are some of the things you want want to use your dashboard for:

  • Integrating Paper into your checkout using the no-code tool!
  • Accessing your Paper API key
  • Adding members to a central business or organization account
  • Enabling features like Fiat payouts or Fee-less transactions
  • Getting analytics for each checkout and export this data to a PDF
  • Getting access to mainnet checkouts for production access (see note below)


Mainnet Access for Production Checkouts

Paper's Developer Dashboard gives access to all testnet checkouts by default. To turn on production or mainnet checkouts, you will need to upload your personal and/or business documents for approval.