Paper Checkout
For Sellers
Thanks for your interest in connecting your minting platform or selling your NFT drops with Paper.

Getting Access

How do I get started?

We know how important it is to get started quickly. Paper is self-service for testnet! Sign up on dashboard to get started. When you're ready for mainnet checkouts, please verify your business.
We don't share your business information and need it only to comply with U.S. regulatory authorities. See our Privacy Policy.

What NFTs/blockchains are supported?

Paper supports lazy-minted NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana.
Supporting secondary sales is on the roadmap!

What smart contracts are supported?

For a faster onboarding experience, we recommend using a minting platform that we already support:
Because Paper directly interacts with smart contracts, we carefully vet each custom contract. Contact us!

How do I test on development environments?

  • Polygon
    • Mumbai testnet is supported.
    • Testing on mainnet is optional (gas price is typically < $0.02 per transaction).
  • Ethereum
    • Rinkeby testnet is supported.
    • Testing on mainnet is not recommended (gas prices are typically > $10 per transaction).
  • Solana
    • TBD. Testing on mainnet is inexpensive.
On testnet environments, minting supports testnet tokens and Pay with Card supports Stripe's test cards. Pay with Cryptocurrency always requires mainnet (i.e. production) funds and cannot be refunded.
How do I custom brand my checkout?
Paper's checkout dashboard allows you to customize the accent color and button shape and toggle dark mode for your checkout flow. These options should allow you to match your brand's look and feel quite closely.
Looking for a higher level of customization? Contact us and we can fine-tune any CSS attribute for your checkout!
Can I host a checkout on my own domain, e.g.
Absolutely! Contact us to get that set up. The only step on your side is to create a CNAME routing to
How do I make sure my NFT is shown on OpenSea?
OpenSea hides Polygon NFTs from unverified collections by default. If your project/brand is notable, we highly recommend verifying your OpenSea collection before your launch.
If you don't do this, buyers will need to manually log in to OpenSea to unhide them (see Where is my NFT on OpenSea?).
If you'd like to see the Paper flow in action, see our demo checkout (you can actually buy one!).
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