Paper Checkout
Get started with Paper
​Paper is a simpler & faster NFT checkout. Grow your customer base with a checkout flow that increases conversion and works with credit cards!

Step 1: Have information ready

  • Blockchain - Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana are supported.
  • Contract address - The blockchain address of your NFT's smart contract.
  • Contract type - The platform that you are minting from.
  • Collection name - The title of your item.
  • Collection description - (optional) A brief description of your item.
  • Purchase price - The amount and token to purchase your item.
    • We'll convert this price to fiat for buyers that pay with card.
  • Redirect URL - A success page your buyers will be redirected to after a successful purchase.
  • Image preview - (optional) A preview of your item.
    • PNG, GIF, and JPEG file formats under 10MB are supported.
    • An animated GIF is a great way to show the possible outcomes of a random NFT drop!

Step 2: Chat with us

​Reach out to us to share more about your project. We're a small team and love to talk to our customers directly to learn about their project and address technical concerns.
Once you've chat with us, we'll send you a private Discord or Telegram invite for direct communication with our team.

Step 3: Create a checkout

Sign in to the dashboard and create your first checkout! If you're looking to create checkouts programmatically, get your API key from the Settings page and call the Create Checkout API.