Step 2: Build a checkout flow with Paper! There's multiple ways to build a checkout depending on your project's needs. Use this page to find one that is best for you.

Now that you have a Paper-compatible smart contract, you're ready to start building your checkout flow! When you use Paper, you get full control over how you want your NFT checkout to be implemented. There are 3 main ways that you can use Paper in your checkout flow. See the table below to pick what suits your needs best.

Dashboard Only

API Only

Combining the API or Dashboard with React SDK

No code required

Code Required

Code required

Fully managed checkout experience

Fully managed checkout experience

White-label experience

Best for quick testing and experimentation

Best for programmatically testing and generating checkouts

Best for extensively customizing the checkout process

To explore any of these checkout methods, you can read through the corresponding documentation:

Despite the method you chose to implement, you can always go to your Paper Dashboard to get more information on all your testnet and production checkouts. You can also find QR codes and view analytics for each checkout.