Paper's product focus is to deliver the best NFT checkout experience. It's a simple premise with deceptively deep complexity abstracted away from you and your buyers. Here's a rundown of the scope that we handle so you can focus on delivering utility to your NFT project:

💵 Multiple Payment Options

Paper makes your NFT accessible to the widest audience by offering :

  • Debit card, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • Minting natively on the contract's currency
  • Paying in ETH for any contract regardless of its native currency

Paper accepts fiat payments from nearly all countries (following US regulatory guidelines). We can work with you to support region-specific payment options as well.

😍 Non-custodial Wallet Creation

For your buyers don't have (or understand) cryptocurrency wallets, they have the option to create one in a NFT-first Paper Wallet in the checkout flow simply by entering an email. Behind the scenes, a wallet is generated with private keys encrypted.

🕵️‍♀️ KYC and Fraud Detection

Paper offers full chargeback protection.

We do this because we deter fraudulent activity and bots by assessing a breadth of signals from the buyer's device, network connection, and input behavior. Based on their risk profile, users may be presented different UX, such as requiring a liveness check or a KYC flow.

📦 Reliable NFT Delivery

We deploy a fleet of wallets to parallelize minting and transferring transactions. This fleet distributes the load when there is high traffic volume and minimizes the risk of slow blockchain transactions stalling purchases for other buyers. These wallets are continuously reloaded to handle unexpected spikes in gas or transaction volume.

🚀 Conversion-optimized UX

Paper took into account many cases when designing our simple checkout flow:

  • Does the buyer need a crypto wallet or do they have already have one?
  • Do they have enough tokens to mint natively?
  • Does they exhibit bot-like or suspicious behavior?
  • Is your user trying to purchase more than one NFT?
  • Is your user allowlisted to purchase?
  • Are there enough NFTs remaining to purchase?

Our checkout flow minimizes unnecessary distractions and steps for the user to complete their purchase.

🪝 Webhooks

Paper calls your webhooks when payments and transfers to enable your backend to track purchases and unlock utility. Buyers also receive an email after each completed step, including a receipt from Paper.